Uncommon Approach

The Music Business blog of Uncommon Nasa, Owner of Progressive Hip-Hop label, Uncommon Records.  This is now an archive as it is a retired blog.  I left the articles up just in case they are useful to anyone.  Check em out and check out my new site www.uncommonnasa.com




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  1. Check out my new song, Produced by Waatu.  It’s from “The Early Life of ADAM”, I produced it as Nasa, rapped as ADAM.  Grab the whole album here http://uncommonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-early-life-of-adam or on Itunes or Amazon.

    A little back story, I heard this beat from Waatu and played it on Uncommon Radio.  After the episode I knew I had to rock it.  It inspired me to do some really lefty shit which is always good.  The delayed vocal during the verses isn’t just a delay, I actually rekicked the verses behind myself twice, one for each ear.  Then I tweaked different effects on them.  No copy and paste trickery, I did them all in one take on each verse.

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