Uncommon Approach

The Music Business blog of Uncommon Nasa, Owner of Progressive Hip-Hop label, Uncommon Records.  This is now an archive as it is a retired blog.  I left the articles up just in case they are useful to anyone.  Check em out and check out my new site www.uncommonnasa.com




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  1. Came upon this great piece at the PBS Media Shift Idea Lab via the always awesome @buzzsonic Twitter feed.  Wanted to make sure I shared it here.  The article deals with explaining your business to other people in order to get them involved, whether they be investors, collaborators or really even for consumers in a record labels case.  The part about loglines was really enlightening, I’d never heard that term before.  That’s been a big obstacle for me, defining things briefly.  Based on the submission emails I get, I know I’m not alone in that.  Defining what we do in one sentence is a great goal.  The second paragraph that deals with getting people to see you first and your business/idea second is crucial.  I’ve found that’s been the best way for me to conduct my business, thus, a blog like this one.  Enjoy.