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The Music Business blog of Uncommon Nasa, Owner of Progressive Hip-Hop label, Uncommon Records.  This is now an archive as it is a retired blog.  I left the articles up just in case they are useful to anyone.  Check em out and check out my new site www.uncommonnasa.com




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  1. Get Back to Me When This is Done (2 Ideas for the Digi Music Biz)

    There was a time in my life when I really wanted to start, eh hum, a start up.  I had an idea, one that still hasn’t been done exactly how I had my plan laid out, but to be honest, Bandcamp covered about 75% of the bases of my start up.  At this point, I’m really focused on my label, within Uncommon I’ve got lots of creative ideas floating around for 2012 without even starting a brand new business to run side by side with it.  For some reason, I think about this stuff all day, every day and as an active business person in the music business I run into issues that have what I think are obvious solutions.  Why I won’t get into the on coming ideas for Uncommon specifically, I did have two random ideas that I will give away here, all for FREE.  I got more where these came from.  Just read this, make it happen and let me use these services for free once you make your first million.

    1 - Pre Sale Ticket Service for Indie Bands/Labels

    I’m just now starting the promotion for Uncommon’s annual Yule Prog show here in NYC on December 8th (more on this in a future post).  This year I really wanted pre order ability for tickets.  I knew that I could set up a Paypal button, print out the list of paid folks and bring it to the venue.  Pretty easy and that’s exactly what I had us do.  BUT, before I went ahead I did a quick search of google and found NO ONE doing this for bands already.  Every band would love the opportunity to pre sale tickets.  Whether it’s for a show in Williamsburg or Fredricksburg, 300 capacity or 30, why wouldn’t you want this?

    Am I missing something here?  It should be simple.  You have a company, let’s call it BandTix.  You enter the info into BandTix, they link you with your Paypal account or direct to your Checking account and set this up for you without having to set up your own Paypal button or some other means.  It would streamline everything, this company could then peal off some sort of percentage.  They would make it so there’d be an easy to use widget that you could slap on a website or a Facebook page and BAM!  You’re selling tickets online.  You could also have it auto update sites like Last.FM or ReverbNation as well when you set up a pre-sale.  All through one easy interface.  Why doesn’t BandTix exist?  I’m assuming it has something to do with the monopoly known as Ticketmaster and people not wanting to play David in this scenario, but that’s just hyperbole on my part.

    2 - Email Filtering by Preference for Music Bloggers

    I’ve come to realize that bloggers get WAY too many submissions.  Especially as the internet continues, yes I said continues, to grow.  I’ll be honest, when I first got on Twitter, there were still many blogs that JUMPED at the chance to review our music.  Even those that hadn’t heard of us before.  And while that still happens, for the most part a lot bloggers are more and more cynical.  You get less interaction when you honestly approach a blogger and genuinely want to add their email to your list nowadays.  Why is this?  Are they jerks?  No.  They just have 100 people hitting them up per day, most of which aren’t worth their time. 

    I also run a podcast myself, called Uncommon Radio, which is really healthy for me because I get some incite into the volume of email that’s out there and how to and not to write emails.  You know what would help?  An email filter that’s based on some sort of ratings system.  Say you LOVE Uncommon, you can rate my email address “5 stars” and all my emails will appear at the top.  If you like us, but not everything we do, you could rate us “3 stars” and we’d come up somewhere in the middle.  At least then you could sift through it all to your liking. 

    Going through mounds of emails in chronological order sucks, it can be very daunting.  I know a lot of bloggers who probably will be away for a week and then feel like they can’t possibly post something from a week ago.  I’ve always thought that was horrible logic, and part of it has evolved from the chronological email lists.

    Maybe, again, I’m missing something.  Maybe this exists.  Hip me to it then.  But I think this sort of preference based email system, when you used for the right tasks could be useful for a lot of businesses, particularly media sites of any kind, not just music.

    Like Jean Luc Picard famously said, MAKE IT SO.  And remember where you got these ideas from when you hit it rich.